How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler? Tumbler Sublimation

Bulk consignment prints on tumblers with low-quality sublimation ink are a real nightmare for someone in a sublimation business. But the problem is not very damaging if you know how to remove Sublimation Ink from Tumbler.

Sublimation prints on Tumblers and mugs faint with time. It happens due to low-quality sublimation ink and sometimes because of wrong techniques. So once you find out the print is not exactly what you expected, you can carry out the ink removal procedures.

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Effective Method To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler

You can easily remove sublimation ink to make tumblers look new again. There are many ways to remove sublimation ink from your tumblers. You can remove it by using apple vinegar or simply white vinegar. Just put vinegar in a bowl and immerse your tumbler in it. Wait for at least half an hour. Rub your tumblers with a scrub to remove sublimation ink.

An alternative method to remove sublimation ink is an oven. Place your tumblers in the oven and cover them with a silicone baking mat to avoid inside coloration. Adjust temperature to 400F. Keep changing the position of your tumbler after 10 to 20 minutes to sublimate ink from every side.

Tumbler Sublimation

Tumbler sublimation is the process of printing ink colors on your tumbler. The manufacturing of tumblers includes a type of ink that can be sublimed (changing into gas directly from solid). We’ve discussed different ways of tumbler sublimation earlier.

Sublimation Tumbler Care Instruction

A sublimation tumbler is made of a material like polyester that is printed with ink. Care instructions for the sublimation tumbler are given below:

  • Avoid placing your tumbler in the freezer.
  • Avoid using a scrub on your tumbler.
  • Avoid your tumbler from soaking.

How To sublimate A Tumbler In A Convection Oven

Take a tumbler and clean it well with a soft cloth. Wrap your design of choice around your tumbler, then place it in SubliShrink. Please put it in the convection oven at 350 to 400F.

You must wonder how long you put the sublimation tumbler in the oven. You need to place it in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Please take out your tumbler from the oven and remove SubliShrink from it. Don’t forget to wear gloves before taking out your tumbler. There you have it!

Do You Epoxy Sublimation Tumblers?

Yes! You can easily epoxy sublimation tumbler. When you take out your sublimation tumbler, you must wait for it to cool down. Once it cools, you can apply epoxy of your choice like glitters on your tumbler.

Sublimation Spray For Tumblers:

Apply sublimation spray on your plain tumbler thoroughly. Place the design of your choice on the mug. Place a bit lower than the mouth area. Now place a heat transfer wrap around your tumbler. Add silicon zip ties to make it super tight.

Now put your tumbler in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Take it out and remove the heat transfer wrap. You will see a super cool design on your tumbler. Read review: Best Sublimation ink For Epson.

Sublimation Coating For Tumblers:

The surface on which you want to do coating should be polyester coated. There are different sublimation coatings for different surfaces. For example, we use different sublimation-coated fabrics.

The sublimation coatings can be liquid, so you need a brush to apply on tumblers. There are various sprays too that are directly sprayed on the tumblers. The onward procedure is the same as we discussed earlier.

Sublimation vs. epoxy tumblers:

Sublimation Tumblers:Epoxy Tumblers:
They use a special type of powder coating.It is a type of resin that gives a glass-like look.
They do not provide enough insulation.They provide enough insulation.
Appy the design and bake it in the oven for 5 minutes.You can design anything on tumbler and then fix it with epoxy.
They can go to the dishwasher.They cannot go to the dishwasher.

Can You Sublimate On Powder-Coated Tumblers? Yes!

You can sublimate on powder-coated tumblers. Clear your tumbler with a soft cloth. Select the design of your choice. Your design must have an adhesive coating. You can also apply the strong adhesive coating yourself, such as SR2000.

Apply adhesive coating evenly. Then slowly wrap it around the powder-coated tumbler. Once you wrap it around, apply pressure on it. Pressure will allow the design to align more effectively.

Best Sublimation Ink Eco Tank:

Hiipoo sublimation ink is considered best for the eco tank. We must use syringes previously to fill ink in the eco tank. Now Hiipoo will provide us with a better experience. It does not require any use of the syringe.

You must put on gloves and place the bottle upside down in the ink hole.

You can add different colored ink in four different holes. Be careful while filling; close the filled hole first, then fill the next hole.


Yes, it would be best if you had special ink for sublimation purposes. This ink is specific because it is used for sublimation ink transfer that regular ink cannot do.

The Anti-UV Sublimation is considered best for sublimation, especially for any sublimation printer.

Sublimation tumbler is made of material, especially polyester. You can print your design on it by using a special ink transfer.

Yes, you can sublimate on stainless steel tumbler by using shrink wrap on the tumbler and then put it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Yes, you can remove it by dipping your tumbler in vinegar for some time and then scrubbing it. You can also remove it by using an oven.

Yes, you can sublimate twice. Once a material accepts sublimation, it can accept again after removing ink.

Yes, sublimation tumblers are safe. The color can withstand many years but can be faded with time is normal.

Final Thoughts

Tumbler sublimation can easily be done at home. You can print any design of your choice using a convection oven and printer. Different surfaces require different sublimation ink. You can also do sublimation by sprays.

Once you print, you can also remove sublimation ink. So, how can you remove sublimation ink from tumbler? You can remove it by using the vinegar and oven we discussed earlier. So, if you have any queries regarding the sublimation tumbler, you can consider the above facts!

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