Best Sublimation Ink For Epson 2720 – Buying Guide

Have you recently purchased the Epson 2720 printer and now wondering about which sublimation ink to choose? Epson printers are not compatible with all kinds of inks, and therefore it becomes worrisome for the owner to find the right ink.

Choosing the suitable sublimation ink is essential if you want the desired printing results. The quality of your prints, brightness of printed colors, and smoothness of print depend upon the quality of the sublimation ink you chose.

Epson 2720 is one of my most used printers, and I had a significant experience with various inks. Here we bring the 10 best sublimation inks for Epson 2720 printer and the similar EcoTank models. All models are tested on various aspects.

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What Are The 10 Best Sublimation Ink For Epson 2720- Quality Assurance

Hiipoo 580ML Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo 580ml sublimation ink

When it comes to professional sublimation ink for Epson printers, Hiipoo is the best choice. It makes your printing experience enjoyable and more efficient. The vibrant and intense colors of the ink make it stand out. Moreover, the colors are resilient and do not fade away for extended periods.

This is a water-based sublimation ink having a smooth texture. The ink is less viscous that ensures no print head clogging, and gives you the finest printing.

You can show your talent and creativity using Hiipoo sublimation ink. Surprise your friends and family by presenting them with fantastic DIY gifts created with this unique sublimation ink. I have used this ink for printing on my sister’s T-shirt and got amazing results.

It is ideal for designing souvenirs, unique gifts DIY, and room decorations. Using Hiipoo sublimation ink, you can also create beautiful prints on clothes, T-shirts, bags, caps, and pillowcases.

It is also excellent for printing on shoes, ceramics, boxes, banners, flags, cross-stitched items, etc. I really enjoyed creating the print on my T-shirt using Hiipoo sublimation ink.

  • Easy and Simple to refill
  • Dries fast due to low ink viscosity 
  • Bright, clear, and natural colors. 
  • Does not damage the printer
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting due to anti-UV formulation
  • Hiipoo sublimation ink is designed to use on fabrics only having less than 30% cotton.


Ink Color2x140ml Black,100ml Cyan,100ml Magenta,100ml Yellow
Page Yield6500
Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureRefill Ink
Color2x140ml Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Hiipoo sublimation ink is perfect for your Epson 2720. It is also the best sublimation ink for Epson 2760. This ink offers high quality as it is rigorously tested and professionally certified.

Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink

Printers jack 400ml sublimation ink

It is one of the perfect sublimation inks for Epson 2720. In fact, it is perfect for most of the Epson EcoTank models. Printers Jack sublimation ink comes in a combination of four vibrant colors that give you a high-quality printing experience.

It is suitable for a variety of heat press machines. Moreover, Printers Jack offers a free ICC profile that is customizable. This is a water-based sublimation ink that provides a high heat transfer printing rate. Also, it produces bright and vibrant colors.

This ink is designed with three-layer filters and is formulated for heat press transfer printers. It does not make clogs and prints effortlessly.

Printers Jack sublimation ink is the perfect choice for printing on many items.  It is the best ink to reflect your ideas and creativity on your gifts and life. It is a perfect sublimation ink to print on clothes like T-shirts, pillow cases, quilts, and caps.

You can also print beautiful designs on ceramics, such as mugs and plates. It is also suitable to use on shoes, banners, and flags. You can also use this ink for printing desired art on your phone case.

  • Formulated with advanced technology that makes the ink fade resistant
  • Easy to install and refill
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti- Ultraviolet and extra durable
  • Not suitable to use on cotton. It is designed for polyester or products with coating.
  • Not designed to use for direct sublimation printing.


BrandPrinters Jack
Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureRefillable, Water Resistant
Color4 Colors

Printers Jack sublimation ink is also one of the best sublimation inks for Epson 7720. It is the perfect choice for your printer due to its durability and bright colors.

Lexmate Auto Fill Syringe-Sublimation Ink

Lexmate auto fill syringe-sublimation ink

Lexmate is one of the best sublimation ink experts. They provide sublimation inks of high quality that are reliable and cost-effective. This could be the best choice for you if you are looking for one of the most durable sublimation inks. 

Lexmate sublimation inks have extensive applications to unleash your artistic skills and creativity. This ink is suitable to apply on a wide range of items such as T-shirts, cushion covers, boxes, cloth bags, mugs, phone covers, cross-stitches, ceramic plates, etc.

The reason I like it for my Epson 2720 is its no-mess refilling while filling the ink. The sublimation ink bottle has an autofill nozzle design that perfectly fits the EcoTank printer’s ink inlet. You just need to insert the bottle into the ink tank. The ink starts filling and stops automatically when the tank fills.

Lexmate sublimation ink gives you realistic prints of premium quality without any ICC profile. The ink is water resistant and dries fast. It produces vibrant and vivid colors to provide you with the best printing experience. Moreover, it is long-lasting and comes with high saturation and excellent permeability.

This unique sublimation ink is formulated with the latest three-layer filtration technology that allows the ink to pass through effortlessly without clogging the printer head.

Lexmate sublimation ink comes in a pack of five 100 ml bottles, each of a unique, vibrant color. This anti-UV sublimation ink does not fade away for extended periods when exposed to intense sunlight. Has a much longer storage time than other sublimation inks. Also, the heat transfer printing rate is higher than other sublimation inks.

  • Anti-UV and Waterproof add durability to prints
  • Easy to use due to auto-fill and Syringe free
  • High heat transfer printing rate
  • Dries fast for instant results
  • Uses the three-layer filtration technology
  • It can’t be used on more than 30% cotton fabrics.


Compatible DevicesPrinter
Package Dimensions9.13 x 5.98 x 2.24 inches
Item’s weight1.59 pounds

These sublimation inks are designed for use in various inkjet printers, including the Epson 2720 series. Lexmate sublimation ink is also compatible with Epson 15000. I recommend this ink because it is waterproof and does not fade away easily.

L & C Sublimation Ink For Epson

L & c sublimation ink for epson

L & C sublimation ink is one of the best sublimation inks for Epson EcoTank printers. It is a certified ink that prints with high-efficiency heat press transfer. MARRYWORK designed this sublimation ink with professional anti-UV protection.  Moreover, it does not fade away so quickly.

You can convert your ideas into creating unique DIY gifts using this fantastic sublimation ink. The ink is ideal for printing on T-shirts, quilts, pillowcases, and other clothes. It is also perfect for transferring creative prints like mugs and plates on ceramics. You can also use this ink to print on mouse pads, mobile phone covers, bags, and shoes.

The professional interface of L & C sublimation ink allows you to fit the printer’s ink tank perfectly. The ink is very simple to fill and features automatic ink filling status recognition. Due to the three-filter technology, the ink particles achieve the highest standard. Consequently, the printing is very smooth.

The most appealing benefit of purchasing this sublimation ink to me is that you do not need to worry about the quality. The company has the policy to return your money if the ink does not satisfy your quality expectations.

  • Anti-UV Protection makes the ink strongly stable and durable.
  • 3-Layer filtration technology produces the high print quality
  • High-efficiency heat press transfer ink
  • The company pays you back if you are unsatisfied with the quality.
  • Not compatible with printers other than EcoTank printers.


Model NamePrinter Ink
Ink ColorBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureInk Tank
Compatibility OptionsCompatible
Color4 Color

The sublimation ink comes in a pack of four bottles, each of 70 ml, and in unique, vibrant colors. The ink is recommended due to its premium quality and good customer service. It is the best sublimation ink for Epson 2803.

Seogol Sublimation Ink

Seogol sublimation ink

If you are looking for a sublimation ink with a realistic printing effect, then go for Seogol is the ideal choice. Seogol is one of the best brands for sublimation ink for inkjet printers, particularly Epson EcoTank printers. Seogol sublimation ink provides you the premium quality printing at budget-friendly prices.

One of my friends used this sublimation ink and is very happy with the results. He put it on Epson 2720 printer and printed it on the mug. The results were fabulous. It was a total win. The prints were excellent, and the colors were so vibrant and natural.

Seogol sublimation is formulated with the latest three filtration technology, which makes the color brighter and texture smoother than ordinary sublimation inks. This provides you with the print of the finest quality without any clogging.

The ink comes with a long-lasting retention time. The ICC profile is custom. You have to mention the print model while placing your order, and they send you the appropriate ICC.

Seogol sublimation ink is the best choice to reveal your creativity to the world. You can design your customized printed clothes, home decoration items, and advertising displays. Besides printing on clothes and ceramics, the ink is perfect for printing on bags, phone cases, mouse pads, and puzzles.

You also get gloves and needles with your order for convenience and a better experience. So unleash the inner artist in you using Seogol sublimation ink and surprise your friends and family.

  • Produces the realistic printing effect
  • No clogging due to the advanced three-filters technology
  • Produces vibrant colors
  • Long-lasting retention time
  • Get free gloves and needles
  • It takes so my refills to fill the tank.
  • Not suitable for cotton
  • Not compatible with XP printers.


Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureHigh quality
Compatibility OptionsCompatible

The ink is the best sublimation ink for Epson 2800. I recommend this ink because of its vivid colors and the realistic printing effect. The three-filer technology makes it the best sublimation ink.

HAPPYTONER Sublimation Ink

Happy toner

HAPPYTONER sublimation ink comes with a special nozzle that automatically starts filling the ink and auto stops immediately when the ink fills. So, you don’t need a syringe or squeeze the bottle. Also, a valve is given with the bottle that helps prevent ink spills and keeps you away from the mess.

The water-based sublimation ink gives you reliable performance with its high heat transferring printing rate and vibrant colors. The ink is waterproof and dries fast. Moreover, it does not fade away for a long time. Due to the high saturation and excellent permeability of the ink, you get fantastic prints.

HappyToner sublimation ink does not contain any impurities. Furthermore, it does not clog the printer head and produces prints of the finest quality. HappyToner sublimation ink is a perfect choice for your Epson 2720.

Using this ink, you can make your style by reflecting your creative ideas in DIY items. This ink is excellent for transferring the print on T-shirts, canvas bags, ceramic mugs, phone cases, tiles, pillow covers, key chains, mouse pads, metal plates, etc.

  • Easy to use due to auto-fill and auto-stop
  • High saturation and excellent permeability
  • Dries quickly
  • No printer head clogging
  • No three-layer filtration technology
  • Works only on sublimation paper


Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureWaterproof
CompatibilityCompatible for sublimation

It is suitable for all inkjet printers. But, in particular, this ink has professional compatibility with Epson ET-2700. I like HAPPYTONER sublimation ink because it dries so quickly as compared to the other sublimation inks.

LNKCOS 400ML Sublimation Ink

Lnkcos 400ml

If you are a beginner in sublimation, LNKCOS sublimation ink is the ideal choice. LNKCOS sublimation ink is particularly designed for EcoTank printers, specifically for Epson 2720. It is also one of the best inks for Epson 7720.

The link provides you the superior quality prints and vibrant colors for sublimation. The ink is ICC free and offers a high thermal transfer rate. The bright and vivid colors are produced with good penetration and high saturation.

The ink dries quickly, and you do not need to wait for hours. Another plus point of LNKCOS sublimation ink is that it is water resistant and does not fade away for a long time and in harsh conditions.

LNKCOS sublimation ink is suitable to print on polyester and polyester-coated items such as caps, T-shirts, tumblers, banners, bags, etc. You can also use it on ceramics like mugs.

  • ICC free printing
  • High thermal transfer rate
  • Very bright and vivid colors
  • Syringe free and auto-fill
  • No leakage and spill
  • The ink is used only on fabrics with less than 30% cotton.


Printing TechnologyThermal
Printer OutputColor
Special FeatureWaterproof
Print mediaBanner paper
Compatible DevicesPrinter

Using LNKCOS sublimation ink, you don’t need to worry about dirty syringes. The bottle’s top is designed to fit entirely with the ink inlet of the Epson Ecotank printers. You do not need to squeeze the bottle, and it stops automatically when the bottle fills. And, forget about leakage and spill as the bottle design prevents both.

Jmomy 440ML Autofill Syringe-Free Sublimation Ink

Jmomy 440ml autofill syringe free sublimation ink

Jmomy is one of the best sublimation inks for beginners as well as for professionals. The ink is specially designed for Epson EcoTank Supertank Inkjet Printers. It comes in a pack of four bottles in bright colors.

Ordinary ink quickly fades away due to intense sunlight and oxidation. Jmomy adopted the latest anti-UV technology that increases the storage time and does not fade away for extended periods. If you want to pick the most durable ink, it is one of them.

The ink is ICC free and allows you to print bright and vivid colors without using any ICC profile. Jmomy sublimation ink is perfect for use on various items, including fabrics, T-shirts, quilts, hats, bags, shoes, banners, ceramics, and more.

Jmomy sublimation ink produces vibrant colors and smooth printing due to the advanced three-layer filter technology. It also allows the ink to pass through easily without clogging the printer head. Moreover, the auto-fill nozzle of the ink prevents any spills and messes. In short, it is ideal for beginners as it is easy to fill and use.

  • No printer head clogs due to three-layer filtration
  • Simple to use a due auto-fill nozzle
  • Durable and non-fading due to Anti UV-technology
  • Produces vibrant colors
  • You need to cool the fabric before washing it.
  • Designed only to use on materials having less than 30% cotton.


ColorMagenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black
Printing TechnologyThree-layer filtration
Compatible DevicesEpson EcoTank Printers

I recommend this sublimation ink due to its easy-to-use nozzle and three-layer filtration technology. Also, it does not fade away for longer times due to anti-UV technology.

DelTeck 4x100ML Sublimation Ink

Delteck 4x100ml sublimation ink

The professional DelTeck sublimation ink makes your printing more manageable and more efficient. This water-based sublimation ink is compatible with all kinds of piezo-electric printers. It is the best choice if you are into custom designing.

Using DelTeck sublimation ink, show your creativity and light up the color of life. Feel free to use this ink for printing on a wide variety of items such as pictures, mugs, hot air balloons, masks, pillows, shirts, etc.

The ink is easy to fill as it starts filling and stops automatically after filling. Plus, no syringes are needed. The ink is blocked-free, which protects your printer from clogging. It produces prints of high quality and is affordable.

DelTeck sublimation ink is water resistant and produces bright and natural colors. The anti-UV protection technology prevents the prints from fading away fast. The ink is ideal for printing on fabrics, room decorations, souvenir designs, and unique DIY gifts.

  • Compatible with all types of piezo-electric printers.
  • Smudge-proof and gives a natural printing effect
  • Syringe-free and easy to install with Auto-fill and auto-stop
  • No ICC profile
  • Long-lasting due to 3x anti-UV fading
  • It can’t be used for direct sublimation printing
  • Not suitable for cotton


Ink ColorBlack,yellow,cyan,magenta
Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureWaterproof
Compatibility OptionsCompatible

DelTeck sublimation ink is specifically designed for Ecotank Inkjet Printers. It is compatible with Epson 2720. Also, it is the best sublimation ink for Epson 8550. The anti-UV technology makes the ink durable and non-fading.

DewDeck 440ML Sublimation Ink

Dewdeck 440ml

DewDeck is one of the most professional sublimation inks with a reasonable capacity design. It is also cheaper than the sublimation ins of other brands but gives identical high-quality prints. It perfectly meets your daily printing demands and helps you unleash your talent and creativity. 

The ink is easy to install due to the auto-fill nozzle. Moreover, it has no ICC profiles, so the ink provides you realistic printing effect and produces bright and vivid colors.

The latest anti-UV technology protects the prints and prevents them from fading. You can apply the sublimation ink for processing fonts, T-shirts, mugs, cross-stitch, socks, tumbler, shoe, boxes, bags, flags, banners, etc.

  • ICC free printing
  • Simple to use due to the auto-fill nozzle
  • Three-Micron Filtration Technology
  • No-clogging
  • Anti-UV protection
  • Cost-effective
  • The bottle mouth does not correctly fit the inlet of the ink tank of some EcoTank printers.


Compatible DevicesPrinter
Special FeatureRefill Ink, Waterproof
Compatibility OptionsCompatible
Size440 ml

DewDeck sublimation ink is recommended as it produces prints of the finest quality and bright colors. Moreover, the bottle-head nozzle makes it very easy to use.

Buying Guide

Purchasing the best sublimation ink for Epson 2720 could be a little tricky. You might get confused with many sublimation inks available in the market. So, how to choose the perfect ink for your printer? 

The answer to the above question is to check the following factors while purchasing the best sublimation ink for your printer.

Compatibility With Your Printer

The first and the most crucial factor while buying the sublimation ink is its compatibility with the respective printer. Not every sublimation ink is suitable for every kind of inkjet printer. So, you should check it the ink you are choosing is appropriate for your printer or not.

Easy Fill And Refill

Filling and refilling the ink inlet of your printer is a complicated task. You need to use messy syringes to fill the ink. You should check whether the printer you are selecting is easy to fill the ink with. Choose the ink that has the auto-fill option. It will keep you away from messy syringes and any spills.


The ink bottle size is another important factor to consider while purchasing the sublimation ink for your printer. If the bottle size is small, you will need to fill the ink again and again, which would be hectic. So choose the size of the ink according to your needs. The small bottle will be enough for you if you are a beginner. But, if you are working professionally, you need a large ink bottle. 


Every day, manufacturers introduce the latest technologies in sublimation inks to get high-quality prints. Look for the three-layer filtration technology in the sublimation ink. It gives you vivid and smooth printing. Also, check for the advanced anti-UV technology in ink you are choosing if you want that your prints to not away so fast.


Yes, you can confidently use Hiipoo sublimation ink for your Epson 2720. This ink is specifically designed for the Epson EcoTank printers. The plus point of using this ink is that it is effortless for beginners.

Lexmate sublimation ink produces a realistic printing effect and gives you high-quality printing. This makes it the best sublimation ink for Epson printers.

It depends upon which ink you want to mix. Some sublimation inks come with the instructions not to mix with the inks of the other brands. So, read the instruction leaflet of the respective sublimation ink.

Three-layer filtration technology prevents clogging the printer head. Also, it helps the ink to produce smooth printing.

Final Verdict

Choosing the appropriate sublimation ink is very important if you want to get prints of high quality. There are many sublimation inks available. You need to select the one with the best compatibility with your printer. 

Among the best sublimation inks for Epson 2720, I prefer the following three links:

  • Lexmate sublimation ink
  • Seogol sublimation ink 
  • Hiipoo sublimation ink

Every sublimation ink has distinctive features, but those mentioned above are the best due to their durability, usage of anti-UV technology, and wide applications. Let us know which sublimation ink works like magic for you. 

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