Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing When The Ink Is Full

Of all the problems that your printer might run into, not being able to print is the worst of all. I mean what could be more frustrating than to have your printer start acting out even when it has a tank filled with ink? For me, there is none. However, there is no way that I could ever afford to throw out the whole printer just because it won’t print a damned printer, and frankly speaking, neither do I have the heart to do it. So, I researched this problem and discussed it with experts, and found a few reasons why that could be happening to you right now.

And you might consider it your lucky day because in this article I will be discussing all the reasons why that might be happening to you along with the solutions to fix each problem. So, by the end of this article you will have a clear-cut answer to a frequently asked question I usually get from you all i.e., Why is my Epson printer not printing when the ink is full? In addition to that, I will also be answering some of the other frequently asked questions at the end of this article as well. So. if you are interested to find out more then keep on reading till the end.

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Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing When The Ink Is Full

1. A Dislodged Cartridge

Most of the time, it is the dislodged cartridge that stops the printer from printing correctly. It happens when you fail to tighten the cartridges properly after you are done refilling the ink or replacing them. It is an honest mistake and can happen to anyone especially if your cartridge screw is a tricky one. However, it is no big issue, all you have to do is unscrew the cartridges and lodge them again. This will definitely resolve your problem and your printer will start printing again. Besides, you can do it on your own, no need to call in expensive professional help.

2. Power Supply To The Printer

Another reason why your Epson printer might be having difficulty printing is the inadequate power supply to the printer. So, before you start printing, it is imperative that you check out all the connection cables leading to the printer to ensure that the printer gets the power to start running. Also, make sure that the main power supply switch is turned on. you can also read about: Best Sublimation Heat Press

3. Empty Paper Tray

Another reason why your printing might be acting out even though the ink tank is filled is the empty paper tray. A printer needs pages to print on otherwise, what do you expect it to print on anyway? So, make sure that you keep your ink tray loaded with paper at all times to avoid any inconvenience in times of emergency.

4. Clogged Printhead

A clogged printhead can result in missed print lines, blurred print, or no print at all. So, in order to solve this problem you will have to clean up the printhead nozzle. However, it is not that big of a deal. In fact, you are bound to face this issue every now and then given the nature of this device and considering how quickly ink can dry out and clog the printhead. You may clean up the printhead or replace it with a new one depending on the damage and your budget constraints.

5. Print Settings

Another reason why your Epson printer might not be printing when the ink is full is the problem with the print settings. To solve this issue, all you have to do is personalize the print settings on your computer before you hit print. If the problem still persists, you may reset the printer and try again.


There may be multiple reasons why your Epson printing might be giving you a tough time printing some pages. It could be due to a clogged or faulty printhead, dislodged cartridges, inadequate power supply, empty paper tray, or print settings. You may be able to resolve these problems on your own as mentioned above in this article. However, if none of the solutions work for you, you may as well call in an expert at the risk of damaging your printer due to your own inexperienced touch.

Refilling the ink tank of an Epson printer has a separate procedure. This procedure ensures that you don’t get printing problems once you are done. However, if you don’t follow the procedure properly, you might get blank print pages. If that happens, you must remove the ink cartridges and install them again to resolve this issue. But if the problem still persists, you may list the printer cover and hold the ink button for a few seconds to reset it. This will definitely solve your problem.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you found all this information very useful and that you were able to pinpoint your problem and solve it. However, if none of the above-mentioned solutions worked for you then I would recommend you consult a professional.

In any case, there is a ninety percent chance that your problem would be solved by now. In the end, I would like to request you to share this article with your friends and colleagues so that they can benefit from all this information as well.

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